Established in 1982, mainly functioning in purchasing and processing agricultural, forestry, fishery products, and purchasing and exporting food, formerly known Tien Phong Cooperativehas always been with our national development and demands. Then, when Vietnam officially implemented the Law on Enterprises, Thuan Hung LLC was established. Ever since, Thuan Hung has gradually extended into various investing sectors such as: transportation constructions, industrial infrastructure development and trade, and real estate development.


Since August, 2011, in order to form a strength from our mergers and acquisations policy for enhacing the ability to integrate into economic trends both regionally and globally, our Board of management has decided to restructure the company under a new name Hung Thuan Group Corporation.


         With our vast experienceon investing and operating business, important relationshipsamongstmajor partners, and strategic analysisand decisions, Hung Thuan Group will always offer the best opportunities to entrepreneurs whose passion is to enrich their companies and to contribute to our country’s wealth. Having been constantly developing for 30 years, Hung Thuan Group – now, with 22 affiliates and more than 13 partners – has always been loyal to our business motto “Collaboration for greater development” in togetherness.


To Hung Thuan Group,“Your vision – Our perspective”