• First month oftheyear: Japan takes the lead in FDI

    (HTG)- 2011 and 2012 are the two consecutive year in which Japanese firms set a new recordof highestinvestment inVietnam. In thefirst months of2013, Japancontinues to take the lead in 17countries, which have investment projectsinVietnamwithtotal newly registered and adjusted investment capitalof $157.7million, accounting for 56.1% oftotalinvestment inVietnam.

  • Long An, An Attractive Destination To Investors

    (Hung Thuan Group) – All Industrial Parks (IPs) have been formed in order to assuredly harmonize and balance all economic, social and environment targets. This is also a place holding a potential energy such as natural resources, human resource, and other services etc., and playing a key role to push local soci-economic targets. Today, Long An is considered as a “hot place” - quite attractive, potential one to appeal investors to these IPs.


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